prevención de la morosidad

Prevention of defaulters

At Contaclic we know that the best tool is prevention and for this the best tool is training. Hence, in all the processes in which the company can intervene without having to contract external services, we will not only support them, but also teach and encourage them, which will mean greater efficiency for the company and also a significant reduction in costs.

Our service of "Prevention of delinquency" covers from the moment in which the collection rights begin to be generated, going through all its phases of production or performance of the service of your client, until the moment in which the collection is made or effected. and that, in the event of non-payment, provide the solutions and take the necessary steps to recover the delinquent credit.


Delinquency affects almost all sectors equally, but not to the same intensity, just as not all companies have the same structure and resources, which is why it is important, before starting any prevention plan, to carry out a detailed study of the current system, in this way more effective and faster results will be obtained.

The Prevention Plan

Once the result of the diagnosis is obtained, the necessary guidelines must be established to carry out the Prevention Plan. When doing it, we will divide it into two parts: training and information


When there is a non-payment of an invoice and we start the management of the recovery of the delinquent credit, we find ourselves with an infinite number of excuses that, although the popular saying classifies them as a bad payer, this cannot be of comfort to the company. Among the main reasons that the delinquent customer can argue, they range from the fact that what we have ordered has not been served, that I have not received anything, that the price and/or expiration conditions were different, etc. excuses that if we had carried out the sale process properly, surely they could not be used and the collection claim has a better chance of success. Also when the recovery process begins, a certain methodology must be followed, which will guide us, if the collection is possible, to its end. If we have carried out the entire process correctly, in the event of a legal claim, it will greatly facilitate the work of the lawyer, since by having the necessary and precise evidence with total security, the sentence will be favorable.

Once the training needs have been detected in the previous diagnosis, a specific training action will be designed and adapted to the company, taking into account the sector of activity, the number of people and the company's previous training.


Good information provides us with knowledge when making decisions and every company must try to obtain the most and best information from its clients before proceeding to grant them commercial credit.

In the company we have two sources of information: internal and external.

If you are an old customer, we already have a history of your actions (orders, invoices, behavior in payments, etc.) and in some cases information, more subjective but that we must keep in mind, from our sales representatives, distributors and even from the


Otra fuente imprescindible es la contabilidad. De aquí debemos calcular los ratios necesarios para poder establecer volumen de riesgo a cada cliente y también conocer nuestros costes por la financiación a nuestros clientes.

The references of other suppliers or clients of our client are always important when it comes to giving us an opinion about it, but they should not be the only ones since they are not always objective and sometimes even malicious.

The commercial reports will allow us to obtain a lot of information from the client, with a very complete history and a large amount of economic data of the company. These reports even come customized with a risk level/solvency rating that indicates up to the possible amount that you can take a risk for.

Our reports are prepared in such a way that their interpretation is clear and concise, without complicated technicalities and with all the information that the company needs. If necessary, these reports would be extended to asset reports of the administrator or administrators and/or ASNEF, RAI or other database files with information on the analyzed client. Obviously as long as the company decides, a continuous monitoring of this company will be maintained, so that any change that occurs the company will be aware of.

In any case, the ideal is to work knowing how to treat the information obtained by company personnel, combining it with business reports and other information.

All this information system must be fed back, it is useless to make the effort to get to know our client, if later we forget to monitor him continuously, creating the precise alerts that indicate any change in his solvency status.


If even after having the procedures implemented and fully operational, there is a default, you must proceed with your claim

Friendly claim

The start of the claim must be made immediately. The terms for the friendly claim must be minimal, at the moment in which the invoice exceeds the due date, the claim procedure must be launched. This will consist of telephone claims, via mail, certified letters, fax bureau, etc. everything that initially may give the debtor the possibility of satisfying the debt and secondly, in the event of non-payment, having sufficient evidence to obtain a favorable judgment in the legal claim

Judicial claim

In the event that all of the above has been unsuccessful, a claim must be filed through the courts. The procedure to be followed will be the one that the legal department deems most convenient for the recovery of the company's debt, whether for payment or ordinary.
Yes, it is convenient to detail that for this last opportunity to collect the debt, the previous procedures must have been carried out impeccably, since otherwise the persistent defaulter will most likely have gotten away with it.

The deadlines and procedures are very important to be able to make the request for compensation of the VAT / IGIC charged. The company is told how to do it and if this is not possible, we will take care of it.

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