servicios jurídicos

Juridical services

The legal team at contaclic is made up of experts in various disciplines of law, including:

  • Experts in Banking and Financial Law: We have placed emphasis on training in this area to offer qualified legal advice and defense (floor clause, unfair terms, swaps, etc.) with more than 8 years of experience in this field.
  • We also offer a legal solution to both individuals and companies in various areas of the Private Law, such as separations and divorces, processes for food, guardianship and custody, adoption, disability.
  • Succession right: Wills, Inheritances, Declarations of Heirs.
  • Leases of all kinds. Evictions.
  • Communities of Owners. Claims to defaulters.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts.
  • In the field of Criminal law we can give you a solution advising on complaints and complaints, assistance to detainees, accusation and defense in criminal proceedings.

All this within the framework of personalized attention with exhaustive monitoring of the matters entrusted and with regular information on the future of the same, to the clients, who may have direct access to their lawyer.

On the other hand, our team is highly qualified in debt claims, as well as representing a perfect complement, both in training and in management, in the collection of debts from defaulters, representing valuable support for companies in recovering their defaults.

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